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Build a food ordering app for your restaurant, bar, or venue


In response to the re-opening of restaurants, pubs, bars, cafes, and hotels, this app makes it easy for businesses to take food and drink orders and meet Government requirements. All your customers need is their smartphone.

The advantages of this app are:

  • Contactless ordering for customers to keep staff safe
  • No download required, just scan a QR code or enter a web address
  • Browse the menu, and order food and drinks
  • Simple product management
  • Contact tracing securely records customer data and meets privacy law
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Easily build a Food Ordering App with Fliplet 

If you’re a restaurateur looking to tap into the flourishing online food delivery market, creating your own food ordering app is a significant step towards digital transformation. Fliplet’s robust platform helps you build a food ordering app with seamless navigation and critical features like menu showcasing, order tracking, secure payment gateways, and customer reviews, all tailored to match your brand identity. Simplify your customers’ food ordering process, amplify customer loyalty, and witness your business thrive with your custom-built food ordering app.

The Features

Browse products & ordering

  • Upload your products including name, images, allergy information, product highlights, etc
  • Customers can browse, search and filter products by category e.g. Hot Drinks
  • Products can be edited anytime and are instantly updated
  • Customers can add products to their order and adjust the quantities
  • Customers can see their order details and total price before ordering
  • Customers receive an email summary of their order

Managing orders

  • When orders are submitted they are visible on a screen for staff members
  • The order list can be displayed on a tablet or computer
  • Orders can be entered into a POS or written down for fulfillment, you do not have to change your current process to use this app
  • Orders include the table and customer details in case you need to discuss the order with the customer
  • Orders can be marked as completed or declined once they are processed

Manage your client base and online orders from anywhere

  • The app collects the recommended customer information: name, email and telephone
  • Staff can access the customer data if the governing body requests it
  • The app includes a button for deleting customer and order data over 21 days old
  • Data is stored inline with GDPR privacy laws

Give your Customers Instant Access to Menu and Orders

  • Print instructions from the app that you can give to your customers
  • Instant access by scanning a QR code or entering a web address
  • Web app available for free, and Apple/Android mobile app available as an upgrade
  • App works on smartphone, tablet and computer

Government guidelines

What are the Government guidelines I should conform to?

UK and US state Governments are now mandating in many areas to hold a temporary record of customer details, including name, phone number and email address, and hold them for around 21 days.

For example, on June 23 2020, the England Government updated their guidelines for reopening restaurants, pubs, bars. There are 2 guidelines this solution manages for hospitality clients:

Section 2.1 states:

  • You should assist [ NHS Test and Trace] by keeping a temporary record of your customers and visitors for 21 days, in a way that is manageable for your business, and assist NHS Test and Trace with requests for that data if needed.

Section ‘2.2.2 Service at the venue’ suggests the steps that will usually be needed:

  • Encouraging use of contactless ordering from tables where available. For example, through an ordering app.

If you already have a booking system, this will hold the customer data for you.

However if you don’t, the Food Ordering app from Fliplet will automatically record and securely store customers data to comply with GDPR and data privacy laws. It gives you the ability to safely access the data if requested to do so by the authorities and delete the data after the appropriate time.

    Additional Fliplet Features

    No IT required.

    No installation or coding is required to build your app. Our solutions are fully customizable for data collection and processing and fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and cookie laws.

    Highly secure and compliant

    Fliplet is ISO27001 compliant and uses HTTPS with 256-bit SHA certificates and SSL for secure connections. Production database data is encrypted. See more.

    Instant updates, easy maintenance

    Update your app effortlessly with Fliplet Studio. Our platform handles maintenance and over-the-air updates so that you can focus on content.


    Use personalized notifications to alert users via push, SMS, or email notifications when you need to.

    Help and support

    We offer various support options based on your price plan, including live chat, phone, email, tutorials, and documentation.

    Integrate with existing systems

    Fliplet integrates with popular software and platforms, including Salesforce, YouTube, RSS, social media, and databases.

    Benefits of building your restaurant app

    Build an app for your restaurant to showcase your menu, offers and let customers place orders or make reservations.

    Preview your menu easily

    Allow customers to access your restaurant menu at home or in your restaurant.

    Order Confirmation via Email & Notifications

    Customers receive order updates when throughout the order process

    Book reservations instantly

    Give your customers the ability to reserve a table from anywhere. Help them cancel tables as well so that you always run at full capacity.

    Instant orders sent

    Staff receive orders immediately for completion

    Increase Positive Reviews

    Give customers easy access to rating websites and increase your reviews. 

    Contactless food ordering

    Complies with Government ‘Service at the venue’ guidelines

    Add your branding

    Tailor the app to your logo and colors

    Mobile and Web app available

    Your app is available both for App Stores and on the web so that your customers can access it from everywhere.

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    Support and Security you can trust

    Fliplet offers a range of support options and features to support our customers:

    Live chat, Email & Community
    Get your questions answered quickly anytime from Fliplet or other users.
    Support and developer documentation
    Includes videos and powerful search to quickly find answers
    Security is a core focus
    ISO 27001 certified with extensive security features

    Introducing Fliplet Studio: Your App Creation Toolkit

    Create your app in Fliplet Studio. Once you’ve set up an account with Fliplet and logged in, you’ll see an option to create a new app. Click on this and choose the template that suits your needs.

    1. Create your app Indicator arrow for accordion.

    1. Browse through our templates
    2. Select a template
    3. Start creating your app

    2: Customize your app Indicator arrow for accordion.

    1. View our pre-built screens
    2. Customize your app
    3. Preview across multiple devices
    4. Invite colleagues to review your app

    3: Test and launch your app Indicator arrow for accordion.

    1. Preview your finished app
    2. Test on all devices
    3. Test on Fliplet Viewer
    4. Publish your app across multiple devices

    4: Review analytics and update Indicator arrow for accordion.

    1. View your apps usage analytics
    2. Update your app in real time


    Is there an app for servers to take orders?

    Yes, there are apps for servers to take orders. One solution is to use a mobile app that is specifically designed for restaurant staff, such as Fliplet. Fliplet allows you to create a custom mobile app that can be used by servers to take orders, track inventory, and manage table assignments. The app can be customized to match your restaurant’s branding and workflow. With Fliplet, you can easily build and deploy an app for your servers to take orders without requiring programming knowledge.

    Is there an app to keep track of food orders?

    Yes, there are apps to keep track of food orders. One solution is to use a custom mobile app that can be created using a no-code platform such as Fliplet. Fliplet allows you to create a food order tracking app that can be used to manage orders from start to finish. The app can be customized to match your restaurant’s workflow and provide features such as real-time order tracking, customer details, and payment processing. With Fliplet, you can easily build and deploy an app to keep track of food orders without requiring programming knowledge.

    How to create a food ordering app?

    To create a food ordering app, start by defining the app’s purpose and features. Choose a platform such as Android or iOS. Design the app’s layout and user flow, and develop the app using programming languages or use no-code platforms like Fliplet. Test the app thoroughly and launch it on the app stores. With Fliplet, you can create a food ordering app without requiring programming knowledge, using a drag-and-drop interface to build your app’s features and integrate it with other services.

    What are the key features of a food ordering app?

    Key features of a food ordering app include menu browsing, ordering, customization, payment system, and delivery tracking. The app should be easy to use and visually appealing.

    How to make a restaurant app?

    Fliplet is a no-code app development platform that allows you to create restaurant apps without requiring programming knowledge. To create a restaurant app using Fliplet, you can follow these steps:

    1. Start by signing up for a Fliplet account and logging in.
    2. Choose a restaurant app template that fits your needs and customize it to match your branding and content.
    3. Add features such as menus, online ordering, table reservations, and delivery tracking to your app using Fliplet’s drag-and-drop interface.
    4. Use Fliplet’s integrations to connect your app to other services such as payment gateways, social media platforms, and analytics tools.
    5. Test your app thoroughly using Fliplet’s built-in testing and debugging tools, and publish it to the app stores.

    With Fliplet, you can create a professional-looking restaurant app without having to write any code. This can save you time and money, and allow you to focus on creating a great user experience for your customers.

    How do I promote my restaurant app?

    Promote your app through social media, influencers, app store optimization, email marketing, and online advertising. Use analytics to measure the effectiveness of your promotions and adjust your strategy accordingly.

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