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Stay Ahead of the Media Storm with an PR Crisis App

Take control of your PR crises with Fliplet’s PR crisis app, offering real-time alerts, strategic guidance, and efficient communication channels for an effective response.


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Easily build a PR Crisis App with Fliplet

Experience smooth sailing even during stormy PR crises with Fliplet’s innovative PR crisis app. This tool offers real-time alerts, strategic guidance, critical communication channels, and more, all designed to navigate your organization through a PR crisis. Stay one step ahead of potential PR pitfalls with our PR crisis app, your perfect companion in managing and mitigating public relations emergencies.

All the features you need for a client crisis plan, and you can add more.

Pre-built Checklists and Templates

Types of checklists & customization Indicator arrow for accordion.

Manage different types of emergencies such as dawn raids, cyber-attacks, pr crisis, and more all in one place, from standard checklists to more advanced ones with much more detail. Plus, you can customize templates for each of your clients.

Test drills and emergencies Indicator arrow for accordion.

Identify any issues in your client crisis plan by running a test emergency and be prepared for any situation that comes your way. After the emergency, view reports and improve for next time.

Collaborate on Checklists

Checklist collaboration Indicator arrow for accordion.

Work together during an emergency to speed up the process. Communicate with one another and let others know the status of tasks.

What features are relevant to attorneys? Indicator arrow for accordion.

Attorneys can monitor emergencies and tasks, communicate with clients and receive relevant notifications.

Task Management

Bulk upload tasks Indicator arrow for accordion.

Upload your current emergency task list into the app and edit and update tasks easily.

Edit tasks Indicator arrow for accordion.

Take charge of your tasks with ease, upload files, set due dates, and prioritize tasks

Notifications and Communication

Emergency notifications Indicator arrow for accordion.

Keep up to date during emergencies with lightning-fast emergency notifications, get instant alerts and stay in control at all times, whether it is during a dawn raid, a PR crisis, or during any other emergency. 


Other types of notifications Indicator arrow for accordion.

Send emails, push notifications, and SMS alerts to keep users in the loop on their tasks, post-emergency surveys, and more. With everyone on the same page, you can tackle any dawn raid or PR crisis that comes your way. Also get notified of updates to tasks, like a new user being assigned to a client crisis plan.

Preparedness Material

Emergency learning tools Indicator arrow for accordion.

Accessible at a moment’s notice, the powerful resources will equip everyone with the skills and knowledge needed to overcome any client crisis efficiently.

Interactive learning tools Indicator arrow for accordion.

Get ready to face any emergency head-on with interactive quizzes and decision trees. Prepare users to think on their feet, make quick and informed decisions, and produce a high-level client crisis plan.

List of experts Indicator arrow for accordion.

Provide users with the help they need, when they need it the most. With expertise at their fingertips, they can tackle any emergency such as a dawn raid or a PR crisis, with confidence and ease.

Easy to set up

Upload your existing content Indicator arrow for accordion.

It’s easy to upload text and pictures from Word docs, spreadsheets, PDFs, files, images and webpages.

Brand your app Indicator arrow for accordion.

Make the app your own by quickly and easily customizing the app to fit with your brand’s logo, colours, fonts, and style. 


Drag and drop Indicator arrow for accordion.

Build customized apps that meet your needs and have all the functionality you require, without the need for any code.

Optimize engagement

Use on any device Indicator arrow for accordion.

Create one app that works on mobile, tablet, and desktop. Fliplet apps are compatible across Apple and Android devices.

Usage monitoring Indicator arrow for accordion.

Monitor the length of time that users are spending on each screen and which content is most engaging.

Additional Fliplet Features

No IT required.

No installation or coding is required to build your app. Our solutions are fully customizable for data collection and processing and fully compliant with GDPR, CCPA, and cookie laws.

Highly secure and compliant

Fliplet is ISO27001 compliant and uses HTTPS with 256-bit SHA certificates and SSL for secure connections. Production database data is encrypted. See more.

Instant updates, easy maintenance

Update your app effortlessly with Fliplet Studio. Our platform handles maintenance and over-the-air updates so that you can focus on content.


Use personalized notifications to alert users via push, SMS, or email notifications when you need to.

Help and support

We offer various support options based on your price plan, including live chat, phone, email, tutorials, and documentation.

Integrate with existing systems

Fliplet integrates with popular software and platforms, including Salesforce, YouTube, RSS, social media, and databases.


Build an Emergency Management App at Ease

Support and Security you can trust

Fliplet offers a range of support options and features to support our customers:

Live chat, Email & Community
Get your questions answered quickly anytime from Fliplet or other users.
Support and developer documentation
Includes videos and powerful search to quickly find answers
Security is a core focus
ISO 27001 certified with extensive security features

Our Awards

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Introducing Fliplet Studio: Your App Creation Toolkit

Create your app in Fliplet Studio. Once you’ve set up an account with Fliplet and logged in, you’ll see an option to create a new app. Click on this and choose the template that suits your needs.

1. Create your app Indicator arrow for accordion.

1. Browse through our templates
2. Select a template
3. Start creating your app

2: Customize your app Indicator arrow for accordion.

1. View our pre-built screens
2. Customize your app
3. Preview across multiple devices
4. Invite colleagues to review your app

3: Test and launch your app Indicator arrow for accordion.

1. Preview your finished app
2. Test on all devices
3. Test on Fliplet Viewer
4. Publish your app across multiple devices

4: Review analytics and update Indicator arrow for accordion.

1. View your apps usage analytics
2. Update your app in real time


What is a PR crisis app?

A PR crisis app, like the one developed by Fliplet, is a tool designed to help organizations manage public relations crises. This app offers features such as real-time alerts, strategic guidance, and communication channels to effectively respond to PR emergencies.

How can Fliplet's PR crisis app assist during a PR crisis?

Fliplet’s PR crisis app provides tools for effective crisis management including real-time alerts about potential PR pitfalls, strategic guidance on handling the crisis, and efficient communication channels to maintain transparency with stakeholders. It aims to support your organization in navigating through the PR crisis while minimizing damage to your reputation.

Is a PR crisis app necessary for businesses?

While the need for a PR crisis app may vary depending on the business and its public exposure, such an app can provide a valuable lifeline during PR emergencies. By offering real-time alerts, strategic guidance, and efficient communication channels, Fliplet’s PR crisis app can help your organization mitigate the impact of a PR crisis.

Interested in building an app without coding?

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