What is Fliplet?

Fliplet is an app building platform that enables anyone to create mobile and web apps, no matter what your role is within your organization. Teams and individuals can easily create customized apps, using our drag and drop editor without the need for code, or use the flexibility of the platform to extend apps with low code. fast, efficient and reliable results.

Fliplet is the only platform that enables you to create custom no code apps while still enabling you to edit or add your own code.

How it works

Fliplet empowers organizations to create, manage and maintain multiple apps through our no code and low code platform.

Use pre-built features and templates

Create your app using off the shelf screens and solutions


Add static content

Add your text, images and documents that users need to access

Add dynamic content

Work with spreadsheets, CSV files or integrate with existing datasources via an API

Brand your app

Add the look and feel of your organization through extensive branding & design options

Only code if you want

Add your own HTML, CSS, Javascript or other code to extend your app

Integrate easily

Upload and integrate with existing data sources such as SQL databases and APIs

Set up security

Enterprise grade security, fully encrypted, SSO integration and security rules to protect sensitive data

Preview and test

Use Fliplet Viewer to preview and test your app on mobile and desktop

Create one app and publish on mobile, tablet and desktop

Use your apps across all your devices, including Apple and Android. Layouts are responsive by default.

Public app stores

Publish to Apple App Store and Google Play.

Enterprise app stores

Publish via a private app store or mobile device manager.

Responsive web apps

Publish to the internet as a desktop and mobile web app.

File download

Share the app directly to an android device as a downloadable file.

Why Fliplet?

Drag and Drop

Non-developers can edit apps with the visual drag and drop editor.


Business Value

Automatic compatibility, security and operating system updates, allows you to focus on your app’s business value while we handle everything else.


Let's unleash your imagination with Fliplet...

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