All the features you need (and expect)

From enabling you to build your own app, a range of app templates and pre-built components, security, integration and accessibility to publishing and managing it, we’ve got you covered.


No-code Apps

Drag and drop components to create your app, or use our ready-to-go templates.

Low-code Apps

Ability to add your own code, or edit the code it already exists in the template.

Native Mobile Apps

You will be able to publish your app to mobile app stores and download it to your phone.

ISO 27001 Certification

We ensure that all our security protocols are in place and up to date.

Unlimited Apps

Create and deploy as many apps as you like or need (depending on your plan).

Secure and Private

Enterprise grade security, fully encrypted, SSO integration


Full usage tracking of all users, easy access to reports

Optimized for all devices

The designs are optimized for mobile, tablet and desktop.

Integration and Access

Easily integrate with and access to Maps, Phone, Camera, GPS etc.

Web Apps

Optimized design, works on all browsers and no download is required.

Push Notifications

Keep your users informed through push notifications so they never miss an update.

Apps Available Offline

You will be able to use the app offline, without constant need for an internet connection.

This is only a small selection of the features of the Fliplet platform. Get in touch to understand our extensive list of features.

App Experiences

Pre-built features and templates that you can use off the shelf.

No-code Apps

Create your app from our readily available templates, proven to work across many organizations.

Drag and Drop: Easily drag and drop components to create the apps for your needs.

Templates: Proven to work templates and use cases to help your organization.

Publish on every platform: Publish on Apple Store, Google Play, your enterprise app store, as a web app in mobile and desktop.

Fast and Efficient: Create your app fast for a more efficient workflow for your teams.

Low-code Apps

Edit or add your own code on top of our templates for your organization’s app needs.

No need for 3rd Party Software: You won’t need 3rd party software or hardware like Apple Xcode, Android Studio, having a Mac etc.

Full API Access: Our REST API powers Fliplet Studio and apps, enabling customers to integrate Fliplet with existing systems and data.

Local Data Integration: Integrate local data according to your needs via DIS with databases or APIs.

Public Technical Documentation: Access to technical documentation on REST API, JS API, Integrations etc. through our developers documentation website.

Globally Awarded

The leading low-code/no-code platform for 2022

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