6 Reasons iPads Are Core To Your Sales Strategy

ipad sales app

GlaxoSmithKline are one of many companies starting to use iPads as part of their sales strategy

A recent study by Piper Jaffray found that 57% of companies are planning to deploy tablets to workers in 2013. Out of all the corporate departments the advantages of using tablets are most obvious for the sales team – here are a few we have identified:

1. They are practical

Laptops are heavy, short battery life, clunky whereas iPads are lightweight and have a long battery life.

2. Makes your product look good

Images and videos are visually pleasing on the iPad making it a more attractive way to sell your products.

3. Helps you to stand out from the crowd

Although more and more sales teams are using iPads they are not yet ubiquitous which still gives you an opportunity to stand out.

4. Possibility of creating apps rather than PowerPoints

Using a content-based app builder solution like Fliplet means you can easily create sales apps rather than just using basic PowerPoints.

The advantages are enormous – firstly it means that you can create content which is designed specifically for the iPad rather than to be viewed on a laptop and incorporate interactive features such as video and audio.

You can easily keep sales materials up-to-date and push updates out to all iPads at the push of a button to ensure that your sales team is using the latest version. Finally the iPad can also store huge quantities of extra support material which is accessible on demand beating any paper-based sales materials hands down.

5. Get your prospects involved

As a salesperson, you can hand over your iPad to allow your potential customer letting them interact directly with your sales content. When given an iPad, prospects will often drive the sales tool themselves if it is on an easy to use and visually exciting technology like the iPad

6. Lets you capture data directly

iPads also offer the possibility to capture prospect information within apps and then send that information directly back to the head office. Useful on a one-on-one basis but even more useful for conferences or trade shows.

Need some inspiration?

Here’s how some big names are already using an iPad sales app as part of their strategy:


GSK has purchased thousands of iPads to empower their field sales teams to have appropriate support data available when meeting with clients. This helps their staff avoid having to take substantial amounts of printed material with them and ensures the right information can be quickly found and reviewed with the client.


Gillray’s is a London steak restaurant located within the Marriott County Hall whose sales team use iPads to demonstrate their restaurant’s strengths, history and entice customers to book using images of the food, bar and restaurant. (Disclosure – it’s an app built using Fliplet)

ipad sales app

The Gillray’s Steakhouse & Bar app used by their sales team to present to clients.


Professional services accountants use apps for support during their sales discussions. The iPad has reference information, case studies and calculators for common topics. The use of the iPad during these meetings reinforces the brand’s forward thinking by demonstrating their use of technology.

ipad sales app

Any advantages we’ve missed? Let us know in the comments below…