8 Apps For Professional Services In The Mobile Age

According to reports, 65% believe that it’s more convenient to access information about products or services using business-specific apps and 60% of employees have seen their personal productivity increase as a result of enterprise apps.

It is therefore important for professional services companies to catch up with the expectations of the digital age and to deliver apps to their customers and employees that help better deliver services and customer support.

In this article we outline some ideas for apps that can help you do so.

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Some professional services app ideas

1. Sales support app

A sales support app can help you acquire new clients by allowing you to show prospects your firm’s services in a visually engaging way, for example using a tablet.

The app could include basic information about your services as well as competitor comparison information to help differentiate you from competitors and to demonstrate the value and benefits of your offering. Showing this information to clients in this visually appealing format can also provide the “wow” effect that may just win them over as clients.

Sales support apps can also be extremely helpful in the event that you need to cross-sell across different services or industries, as they can potentially contain information about all of these, enabling you to refresh your memory about them.

Finally, a sales support app can allow you to draw up relevant documents at client meetings and to even sign them and submit them electronically, so that you do not need to waste any time printing or scanning any documents.

2. Service information app

A service information app can be used externally by clients to familiarise themselves with your offering whenever is most convenient for them.

The app can show these services by categories and find out basic information in a way that is visually appealing. For example, some of the features the app could include are:

  • Product or service gallery. A product or service gallery feature can allow prospects to visually browse your services and find all the information they require.
  • Company information and contact details. A contact information feature is a great way to empower prospects to get in touch with you while they are still engaged with your content.
  • Video and images. Videos and images can make your app much more engaging and give prospects the best possible idea of what your service is like.
  • Product support. Delivering product support via apps is a big plus for customer service as it allows you to deliver it as soon as customers need it.
  • Feedback forms. Feedback is essential to any business and particularly important for auditors as it can help maintain better communication between you and your clients.

3. Reporting app

Reporting is an important part of professional services businesses, but unfortunately many reports are ignored because they are boring or unengaging.

Reporting apps are revolutionising this field by delivering reports that clients or managers actually want to read due to their visual appeal and ease of use.

An app can help you deliver data more easily by allowing you to input it directly into it and to create custom reports that are delivered directly to clients’ or managers’ mobile devices. They can also allow you to update information in real time, which can be instrumental to better customer relations.

But the best element about reporting apps is their ability to include a wide variety of media to make the resulting report more engaging. These can include: infographics, interactive timelines, videos, embedded documents and many other media.

4. Calculator (auditing) apps

Specifically for those in the tax and advisory services, a calculator app can be invaluable by helping you to quickly and accurately make calculations on a mobile device following appropriate parameters such as income bands and business rates.

The app could also include other important information such as relevant tax dates and send you push notifications to ensure you are on schedule.

5. Document library app

Paperwork is no stranger to those working in professional services. It can therefore be a challenge to ensure that you are carrying all the right paperwork when attending meetings and printing and scanning documents can be extremely time-consuming.

A document library app can help here by allowing you to carry all important documents on your mobile device and to be able to access, manage and deliver them at any time.

The app could even contain e-signature functionality so that when signing contracts you don’t need to go through the long process of printing, signing, scanning and delivering – it can all be done within the app.

6. Training app

Training is an important part of any industry but it is particularly essential in professional companies such as auditing companies due to the importance of regulatory compliance and dealings with sensitive data.

However, training new recruits or existing employees can be challenging if the training materials are unengaging or if employees are required to attend after-hours sessions.

An app can significantly speed up the process by allowing employees to complete training in their own time using their personal devices.

By including all training materials in an app and designing the training process so that it is more interactive, this can encourage your employees to engage more highly with it and to increase their knowledge faster.

For example, a training app could include a variety of media such as video, embedded documents and interactive charts, which make learning more appealing than in PDF or paper alternatives.

Many companies also incorporate “gamification” elements in their training apps such as exam or quiz functions, while also assigning points and badges to employees who are scoring highly. You could even include a leaderboard to promote healthy competition among employees!

These elements can provide additional incentives to employees by offering them rewards for completing their training. They also make the learning process a lot more fun and engaging, which aids their learning.

At the same time, using a training app can save your company great amounts of time and costs in training sessions.

7. Event app

Whether it’s internal events or external events that your company is sponsoring, any event can benefit from an app.

From speaker information and schedule to note-taking and networking, apps that deliver value to attendees can truly make your event and brand stand out.

One of the greatest benefits of these apps is that they allow you to engage attendees before, during and after the event, extending your reach even further.

Event apps have become an expected aspect of events rather than imply a “cool-to-have” feature, so making them a central part of your offering can be instrumental to your event’s success.

8. Internal communications app

Finally, any company can benefit from an internal communications channel, particularly professional services such as auditing companies where it is essential for communications between teams and colleagues to be agile.

Internal communications apps can be in the form of instant messaging networks that allow colleagues to send important messages and requests more efficiently. By delivering push notifications, these apps ensure that messages are read instantly, a much more efficient system than email when it comes to urgent communications.

At the same time, they can also make group communications easier by eliminating the risk of someone forgetting to click “Reply all”.

Few companies are still relying entirely on email and it is clear that internal communications apps are the future.

In conclusion

Enterprise apps are increasingly becoming an essential rather than a nice-to-have tool for professional services as competition becomes stiffer and expectations higher.

In this article we gave you some ideas of the kinds of apps that your professional services firm could use to boost productivity and improve customer experience.

Are there any particular examples we forgot to mention? If so, we’d love to hear from you in the comments section below.