Research Suggests Enterprise Mobile Apps Drive Competitive Advantage

Adobe recently released their 2016 enterprise mobile apps report, and the results make it quite clear that adopting apps within your enterprise is no longer an option, it’s a necessity.

The global survey, conducted by Edelman Intelligence, across the United States, Germany, UK, China, and India, collected data from HR, sales and marketing managers of organizations with 1,000+ employees.

The report covered a range of important topics surrounding enterprise mobile apps, so we compiled a brief summary to bring you up to speed with the key findings.

Enterprise mobile apps are driving competitive advantage

As has been suggested over the last 12-24 months, the growth of the enterprise mobile app has been rapid. Companies are realising that mobility strategies need to include the enterprise, and not just focus on consumer-facing apps.

The question on the lips of many organizations is now, what do we need to create enterprise mobile apps, rather than why do we need to create enterprise mobile apps.

Trends are forcing a change in attitude towards enterprise mobile apps

The key factors which are driving change in the enterprise mobile app industry are:

The need for instant communication

55% of respondents claim that improving the communication across their organization is easier when using enterprise mobile apps. The intranet is fast becoming a thing of the past; being replaced by a streamlined alternative – the internal communications app.

There are already examples of how global companies have adopted mobile apps to enhance their communication, none more so than Tata Communications. Read their full case study here.

An increasingly large mobile workforce

Just second to instant communication, is the realisation of many large organizations that their employees are increasingly working remotely, and on-the-go. 54% of respondents said an increasing mobile workforce has influenced their decision to create enterprise mobile apps.

Enterprise mobile apps not only facilitate the possibility of employees working from home, or abroad, but they optimize the process, ensuring that a mobile workforce is as efficient and productive as possible.

The need to remain competitive

Organizations now realise that enterprise mobile apps drive competitive advantage, according to the report. 47% of respondents agree that they require an enterprise mobility strategy to keep up with their counterparts, and ensure that they don’t lose out on new clients or sales.

Although it has been apparent for some time that mobile apps can improve your business, many larger enterprises have been slow to adopt.

enterprise mobile apps

Enterprise mobile apps adoption rates are increasing

According the Adobe’s report, 69% of departments are using between 2 and 5 enterprise mobile apps, and a further 27% use 6 or more.

These organizations are developing apps for a variety of reasons, but specifically, the following are commons factors:

  • Increase employee productivity
  • Perform tasks more efficiently
  • Equip workers with tools and information
  • Connect with customers and stakeholders

Additionally, we’ve found that creating apps to generate additional sales revenue is also a valid option.

Importantly, 61% of organizations believe that if a company hasn’t deployed any enterprise mobile apps yet they’re at a competitive disadvantage.

How to start creating an enterprise mobile strategy

As the evidence suggests, the precedent is now on the enterprise to adopt mobile apps. Maintaining a competitive advantage is a crucial element of any business strategy or plan – now is the time to include enterprise mobile apps into that.

So, how can you begin creating your mobile enterprise strategy?

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