How IT can benefit from and strengthen app security

Security is set to be one of the biggest concerns for the digital world in 2018.

93% of all large companies were targeted by cyber attacks last year alone. Yet, only 29% of companies have a formal cybersecurity policy in place.

Ensuring cyber security is no longer a choice, businesses have to tighten their control online.

Almost every business has a website, social media account or in our case, apps!

Unfortunately, cyber crime has risen simultaneously with the digital world. In the US, it is the fastest growing type of crime. The Herald predicts that the global cost of cybercrime is expected to reach trillions of US dollars by 2019. Few crimes are reported and some are not even noticed!

We realise that security is one of the biggest concerns for IT. Enterprises need to be able to use the internet safely. Fliplet aims to combat app security through a deeper look into the biggest risks and the best preventative strategies.

Security considerations for apps

Privacy issues

The implementation of GDPR has shined a spotlight on individual privacy and data regulation. It spells out the way companies can legally store information. If you are not compliant, you could be facing a serious fine.

If your apps do not have clear guidelines on how to process personal data, they may not be up to the new standard of security enforced by GDPR. Some companies are implementing corporate devices separate from individual gadgets. Other businesses are building specific and very successful GDPR apps to solve this issue.

To find out more about GDPR apps, click here.

Data security

50% of businesses have at least one non-compliant device. These devices, and therefore the data within them, are vulnerable to cybercriminals. Data leaks can have massive ramifications.

In terms of apps, one must check that external app builders can safeguard data put into corporate apps. The most popular method to protect data is encryption. It ensures that other platforms you may use (like app building platforms) cannot access the data themselves.

User access

The ability to access apps offline and outside of the office means that we can effectively take our work with us. Companies, however, must consider how remote users will access work resources in a secure way.

Without a strong security policy, businesses can never be sure who is accessing their apps on employee devices. There are methods to combat this including the incorporation of PINs or password access. This will give companies peace of mind that if a mobile device or laptop is stolen, sensitive information is inaccessible.

Using an app to combat security fears

Case study: Taylor Wessing’s Cyber Response App

In a proactive stand against cyber criminals, Taylor Wessing have created their very own cyber security app. It contains step-by-step guides on how to prevent and handle data breaches. The app also includes contact directories and management features which allows you to securely invite other users.

Their solution has helped many companies minimise their exposure and litigation risk after a data breach. Taylor Wessing are clearly leading the way in corporate cybersecurity.

Fliplet’s app security features

Mobile security integration

We can integrate all Fliplet-created apps with your mobile security or device management system to meet your internal security requirements. This provides consistency across your new and existing platforms.

Fliplet apps can be integrated with security providers that use SDKs or app wrapping to secure apps. We also have ISO27001 and HIPAA compliance available and a choice of global servers.

We are already partnered with some of the industry’s leading brands including at&t, Citrix. Cortado and many more!

To find out more about our security partners and mobile integration, click here

Data Encryption

All data stored on Fliplet is encrypted to avoid any unwanted access to sensitive information. We can ensure that information on our platform is as secure as possible.

To find out more about our encryption, contact us here!

Reliable maintenance and support

Mobile technologies are constantly upgraded, so we make sure your apps are compatible with at least 98% of the mobile market at all times for no extra cost.

If your app is in danger of a security breach, our customer success team can be on the phone to you in 5 minutes! We also offer training and maintain our apps 24/7. With Fliplet, you are always in safe hands.

Our CEO, Ian Broom recently addressed hundreds of professionals about the importance of cyber security.

He argued, “fears are heightened and solutions seem incomplete. I suggest turning to innovative security strategies like app building. They allow 24/7 monitoring of your data and improve the efficiency of existing internal structures. Apps are taking off in professional services, I urge you to get started.”

There are plenty more security features Fliplet has in place, just take a look at our security page!

App security checklist

It is easy to get bogged down with technical jargon or sucked into security fear mongering. To streamline the process, we have devised a simple checklist to make sure your apps are as safe as possible.

  • Safe data

Is the information sensitive in your app?

Do you have protective measures like 2-Factor Authentication, passwords, PIN numbers or log-in details?

Is your data encrypted?

Protect your data in transit – Are you using SSL or VPN tunnels?

If your app possesses less sensitive information, you may not want to include too many protective measures as it may deter people from using it.

  • Admin rights

Who has the ability to edit information in your app?

On which devices do they have this admin access?

Who can upload data and how?

The less people that can alter the app, the less risk you have of admin access being breached. Make sure only a select few can add/alter sensitive information.

  • User rights

Is your app internal or external?

Can your users use the app remotely and safely?

Have you ensured that only approved users will be able to access the app?

If you are happy with your app having public access, you may not need such specific considerations. Just remember however, to check all the information the public can access is indeed, public.

  • Ability to remove users

Can you remove employees that have left the firm?

Can you remove unwanted admin users?

Can you block particular content from users?

Having a tighter grip on who is accessing your app and what exactly they are accessing, will give you more control and minimise security-breach potential.

  • Security testing

Where are the security vulnerabilities in your app?

Have you tested its security features on different devices?

Have you tested the durability of your security measures?

Once you have evaluated which security measures are necessary for your app, make sure you test them out! This will allow you to iron out any security fears or bugs you may have.

We hope this blog provides some helpful suggestions when combating app security.

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