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Fliplet CEO, Ian Broom, discusses the rise of low-code app platforms among law firms

Nearly a year on from the first national lockdown, many law firms see digital transformation as a springboard for innovation.

The pandemic has shifted law firms’ tech priorities for 2021. While successful start-up incubators and breakaway law firm tech businesses were still going strong in 2020, law firms focused on setting up systems and users for reliable, secure remote working. This year, they are turning their attention back to innovation as a driver of competitive advantage.
The rise of low-code platforms gives lawyers the tools to quickly progress innovation ideas into practice, even if additional development is required later.

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Ian Broom, CEO and co-founder of Fliplet said: “Many firms want to develop their own bespoke tools, so we added low-code capability supported by user guidance, as well as advanced developer tools for power users and CIOs who may want to add additional features around systems integration and data security.”

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