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Gateley’s journey with Fliplet

Case study

“We can set up pages and apps, which you can deploy anywhere within the space of minutes and hours. Traditionally that would take potentially days of development time for someone who is a developer. We can do that within the digital team in the space of hours without having to resort to development time and the expense of development time to build something” – Joe Edwards, Senior Digital Manager at Gateley

Explore how Gateley, a multi-dimensional professional services firm, leveraged the power and versatility of Fliplet to streamline their operations and maximize efficiency. Hear from Joe Edwards, the Digital Manager at Gateley, as he discusses how Fliplet’s intuitive design and rapid deployment transformed their problem-solving approach, and how the platform enabled the creation of a variety of internal and external apps that cater to the diverse needs of their business units.

With Fliplet, Gateley has been successful in driving engagement, increasing lead generation, and tracking performance effectively. From using data sources to creating directory listings or event pages to personalizing apps for specific requirements, Fliplet’s powerful platform has helped Gateley manage their digital initiatives with unprecedented ease and efficiency.

In the video, you can expect to find out:

  • Intro 00:00
  • Who are Gateley? 00:20
  • How does Gateley use Fliplet? 00:38
  • What are the key Fliplet features you use? 2:10
  • Why did Gateley choose Fliplet? 2:54
  • What problems does Gateley solve using Fliplet? 3:45
  • How do you ensure your apps perform as you expect? 4:31
  • How do you use Fliplet for web apps? 5:35
  • How has Gateley benefited from Fliplet? 6:29
  • How does the marketing team at Gateley use Fliplet? 7:05
  • How do you find working with the Fliplet platform? 8:01
  • What does the future of apps look like for Gateley? 8:52
  • How can people get in touch? 9:54

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