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Gowling WLG journey with Fliplet

Case study

“The big benefit is being able to have someone come to you with an idea or a problem, and being able to quickly spin up a prototype for them.” Ginevra Saylor, Director, Innovation and Knowledge Programs at Gowling WLG

Discover how Fliplet’s no-code app development platform has transformed Gowling WLG’s approach to innovation. With Fliplet, Gowling WLG can quickly respond to new ideas or problems with rapid prototyping, allowing them to test and refine solutions quickly.

Ginevra explains, “So we wanted it to not only be easy to learn, but also easy to retain. And I think that was what really appealed to me about Fliplet.” With Fliplet, the team at Gowling can swiftly turn their innovative ideas into functional apps without needing a deep knowledge of coding or a dedicated team of developers.

Moreover, the team finds it “fun” to create apps with Fliplet. The intuitive user interface and straightforward process make app development an enjoyable and rewarding experience for all involved.

Join us to learn more about Gowling’s journey with Fliplet, as we uncover the transformational impact of fast, easy, and enjoyable app development on their business.

In the video, you can expect to find out:

  • Intro: 00:00
  • How did Gowling WLG build apps before Fliplet? 1:11
  • How does Ginevra use Fliplet in her role? 2:21
  • Why did Gowling WLG choose Fliplet over other platforms? 3:47
  • How do Gowling WLG use Fliplet for internal purposes? 5:39
  • How do Gowling WLG use Fliplet for external purposes? 7:06
  • How was the experience of building an event app with Fliplet? 8:28
  • What benefits have Gowling WLG received from Fliplet? 10:33
  • What feedback have Gowling WLG received from users and app builders? 12:30
  • What apps do Gowling WLG have planned for the future? 13:16
  • How can people get in touch? 14:04

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