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Social Mobility Business Partnership

Case study

“I wouldn’t consider myself to be a tech-savvy person, but I guess Fliplet allows me to feel quite tech savvy because the dashboard is fantastic to work on.” – Jessica Clarkson, Program Director, Social Mobility Business Partnership.

Watch the video to hear from Jessica Clarkson, Program Director, and the Social Mobility Business Partnership, and discover how technology has transformed and streamlined operations at SMBP.

Faced with overwhelming admin tasks and the need to streamline operations, SMBP turned to Fliplet to help develop three apps. With Fliplet’s user-friendly dashboard, SMBP could reduce paperwork, organize data effectively, and communicate directly with the students through their smartphones. “We made a decision as an organization that we needed to invest time into technology to really try and free us up as a team, and the app has been fantastic at doing that.” 

The apps have become a pivotal tool for enhancing the SMBP program experience, ensuring student retention, and offering ongoing career support. “We have a completion rate of that post-program survey of 94%, which is really high, and it is purely, I think because they want to get their personalized certificate.”

In the video, you can expect to find out:

  • What is SMBP 00:41
  • What is it like working with Fliplet 1:43
  • Benefits of using Fliplet 3:15
  • What does SMBP use Fliplet for? 6:19
  • The top three functionalities of the app and the impact 9:43
  • How users access the app 11:30
  • How you use Fliplet in the future 12:07
  • How do you work with organizations? 12:39
  • How can people get in touch? 14:47

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