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Ward and Smith

Case study

“There are so many use cases for a product like this that it makes it very appealing to any law firm or any company that may have a need for a web-based or mobile-based software solution.” – Charles Collins, Director of Information Technology at Ward and Smith

Watch the video to hear from Charles Collins, Director of Information Technology at Ward and Smith as he shares how technology has been a driving force in enhancing the firm’s operations and efficiency and how they have been able to leverage the Fliplet platform to create a directory app to provide their attorneys, staff and lawyers the means to access contact information for their colleagues and co-workers when they are on the go, right at their finger tips. 


Facing a battle with the complex task of maintaining a self-built mobile app and adapting to evolving user needs, Ward and Smith turned to Fliplet’s powerful and user-friendly platform. With Fliplet’s intuitive design and pre-built functionalities, Ward and Smith streamlined its technology management, efficiently updating apps as needed, and creating new solutions based on user requirements. “The reason we chose Fliplet was… the power and simplicity of the product”

“You could certainly get very technical with the product but, there are a lot of pieces within Fliplet that non-technical people can really run with.”

In the video, you can expect to find out:

  • Who are Ward and Smith? 00:32
  • What are Charles’ key responsibilities? 00:47
  • Why did Ward and Smith choose Fliplet? 1:12
  • What was the first app Ward and Smith created? 2:41
  • Why was having a directory app so important to your firm? 3:50
  • What did Ward and Smith create next? 5:01
  • What benefits have Ward and Smith received from Fliplet? 5:36
  • How did Ward and Smith find the onboarding process? 6:53
  • Who uses Fliplet? 7:58
  • When Ward and Smith launched their app, how did they gain       users? 9:38
  • How did Ward and Smith manage their security and data? 10:54
  • How will Ward and Smith use Fliplet in the future? 11:55
  • What advice would Charles give to anyone considering Fliplet? 13:19
  • How can people reach Ward and Smith? 14:06

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