How Fliplet works


"Fliplet empowers businesses to operate multiple apps without a large development team. Avoid the development delays, infrequent updates and spiralling maintenance costs that kill good app ideas"

Ian Broom, Fliplet CEO

Rapidly create apps with pre-built components

We've designed and built a large number of features and templates that you can use off the shelf

Add dynamic content via Fliplet's data manager

Work with spreadsheets, CSV files or integrate with existing datasources via an API

Sales enablement apps

Works on desktop, tablet and mobile

Use your apps across all your devices. Layouts are responsive by default

Sales enablement apps

Multiple publishing options

Public app stores

Publish to Apple App Store and Google Play

Enterprise app stores

Publish via a private app store or mobile device manager

Responsive web apps

Publish to the internet as a desktop and mobile web app

File download

Share the app directly to a device as a downloadable file

App usage analytics

Track the preformance of your app and optimize its features to suit your audience

Sales enablement apps

Further technical and security details

Fliplet routinely works with large enterprise clients so has the integration and security features to match. Click below for more details

Benefit from our app building expertise

We offer enterprise clients an accelerator program with app planning assistance, design and UX advice, deployment support and ongoing customer support

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Fliplet's key benefits

Unlimited apps

Create and deploy as many apps as you like

Truly customizable

Change entire features not just text and images

Rapid app creation

Create apps in weeks not months. Innovate faster

Only code if you want

Non-technical users can build and maintain apps

Secure and private

Enterprise grade security, fully encrypted, SSO integration

Integrate easily

Connect databases & APIs. Secure apps with MDM

Distribute anywhere

Desktop, tablet, mobile. Apple, Android and web


Full usage tracking of all users, easy access to reports

Fliplet's app development platform

Non-developers can edit apps with the visual drag and drop editor. Developers can benefit from automatic compatibility, security and operating system updates. You focus on your app's business value, we'll handle everything else

Fliplet app development platform

Get inspiration from our app templates

Fliplet apps are used for a wide variety of business needs. Here are a few to whet your appetite

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"The ease of use of this product is fantastic, the only thing that trumps that is the support offered and account management. A creative and innovative product that helps us in our digital strategy."

Nathan W, Fliplet client.

"I would strongly recommend if you need to build apps, and want the flexibility to give everyone the chance to build them (both novice users and people who know code) - this is a great platform to cater for all!"

Industry Analyst / Tech Writer

"Bought to build a single app, but it's so easy that we had people from all over the organisation requesting and building apps. We even converted our old PDFs into apps (much better looking and easier to use!)"

G2 Crowd User

"The support received from the entire Fliplet team (whether it is with app functionality or marketing your app) is exceptional and truly allows the user of the product the opportunity to focus on creating an engaging app."

App administrator, Fliplet Client

"Takes away so much of the pain in developing for multiple devices. Good drag and drop screen designs, simple build and deployment process, Android and IOS apps, all screen sizes and devices. "

Executive sponsor, Fliplet client