1. Build with Fliplet Studio

Familiar text editing and styling tools. Works with custom fonts.

Visual editing tools give you instant feedback on your app design and layout. You can switch between desktop, tablet and mobile views for a wide range of devices.

Drag and drop components such as forms, buttons and lists into your app. Fully customize them in the settings.

Add a datasource or media files of your choice. Datasources can be managed locally or connect to external systems via APIs.

2. Preview with Fliplet Viewer

Download our viewer and instantly preview your app on your device. Share viewer with your team and quickly collect feedback on your design.

3. Distribute as you wish

Desktop via URL

Create a webpage that contains your app

Mobile via public app stores

Use Apple, Google and Microsoft app stores

Mobile via enterprise app stores

Distribute via your enterprise app store

Update instantly using studio

No need to ask users to re-download

Technical Details

Product features

  • Ready-to-use apps
  • Fully flexible (not templated)
  • Multiple layout options
  • Advanced editor (HTML, CSS)
  • Login and security options
  • User access management
  • Push notifications
  • Forms, polls, quizzes
  • Local databases or API integration
  • Database filter and search
  • Host on cloud or on premises
  • Slideshows
  • Lists and directories
  • Customizeable menus
  • Custom font support
  • Photo Sharing
  • Image galleries
  • Chart editor
  • Image editor
  • Text editor
  • Maps integration
  • Document and PDF sharing
  • Video Player
  • On-tap dial/email
  • RSS feed integration

Distribution and security

  • Compatible with Apple, Android and Windows App Stores
  • Web browser embeddable (IE11+, Latest Chrome, Safari and Firefox)
  • iOS 9+ compatibility
  • Android 4.2+ compatibility
  • Windows 10 compatibility
  • EMM/MDM compatible – MobileIron, AirWatch, Good and Blackberry, IBM Maas360, and many more
  • 2 factor authentication
  • Email and text verification
  • SAML2 Authorisation
  • Fingerprint and passphrase authentication
  • Enterprise secure gateway integrations

Ongoing support

  • Bespoke feature builds available
  • Maintained for software updates
  • Chat based support
  • Help site with guides
  • Developer site