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Fliplet enables advanced AI features and finds the top 200 law firms are not harnessing the power of AI in their public apps.

LONDON – Fliplet, a leading no-code/low-code app building platform, has announced a breakthrough innovation that enables law firms to rapidly integrate AI features into their internal staff-facing and client-facing apps. This capability opens up new possibilities for more efficient legal operations, better client service, and transformative business practices in the legal industry.

Despite the growing role of AI in various sectors, recent analysis by Fliplet of mobile apps from the 200 largest global law firms revealed that no large law firm has launched any AI features in public-facing apps. Fliplet anticipates that this will dramatically shift in the near future, as law firms progressively adopt AI across their organizations and as clients demand more responsive services empowered by AI technology.

“By incorporating AI into their apps, law firms can dramatically enhance their value proposition. Not only can they reduce response delays to common questions using their own data, but they can also increase the overall usefulness of their apps for both staff and clients.”

“In our experience, law firms can add AI features within a couple of days and launch a pilot within a week. We’ve already seen multiple firms begin experimenting with AI capabilities for staff and client features for internal pilots.”

Ian Broom

Fliplet CEO

Integrating AI into their operations is not without its challenges. Law firms need to make crucial decisions on how they want AI to interpret their data. It’s a delicate balance to avoid the risk of data bias and hallucinations while ensuring the AI delivers valuable, accurate results. Fliplet has a suite of best practices law firms can follow to ensure their AI-powered solutions manage these risks.

To assist law firms in navigating this new technological frontier, Fliplet provides a robust set of AI features that enable the following across different types of apps.

    Recently launched AI features include:

    1. AI data summary feature that can take legal data and summarize it on the fly

    2. AI data generation to save time and accelerate content generation 

    3. An app promotional content generator to help customers market their apps and generate compelling listings for app stores

    4. Developer tools so customers can build their own solutions

    We are currently finalizing many new features including:

    1. Document & data chatbot so firms can provide their own content alongside public data

    2. Business plan generator to help create a business case for new app ideas

    3. App translations so apps can run in any language and be translated in real time

    4. Image generator specially trained to generate images for apps and app icons

    These features are compatible with web apps, and native Apple iOS and Android apps that can be distributed to the app stores, allowing law firms to serve a broad spectrum of client and staff preferences and needs. As with all Fliplet apps, they have enterprise-grade security to ensure a robust level of protection for sensitive data. 

    About Fliplet:

    Founded in 2013, Fliplet is an industry-leading app builder that helps organizations to create and deliver enterprise-grade apps without coding. The company collaborates with over 70 law firms, including 41 of the firms listed in the Global 200. With its revolutionary AI integrations, Fliplet continues to pave the way for digital innovation within the legal sector

    For further information or inquiries, please contact or, take a look at our AI feature page.