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Fliplet launches its Code Library to help developers and non-developers extend the platform

At first glance, it may seem strange for a tool like Fliplet to be launching a Code Library. Fliplet is often thought of as a ‘NoCode’ app building platform. The term ‘NoCode’ refers to tools that do not require you to know or write code to use them, such as Wix (a nocode website builder) or Zapier (a nocode tool for integrating software).

Fliplet’s approach, however, is a “prefab” approach. As Fliplet’s CEO, Ian Broom, explains “Fliplet has always strived to make app creation more accessible to everyone by removing barriers. But at the same time, we appreciate that the best apps always have some unique feature requirements. We designed Fliplet in such a way that you can use prefab components for common features (such as login, newsfeeds, chat) but you can also extend Fliplet with code should you want to get those highly custom features. The code library makes it easier than ever to build on top of Fliplet”.


Who is the Code Library for?

The Code Library is aimed at developers, hackers, and spreadsheet lovers. Meaning, you don’t need to have a background in software development but it helps to be technically minded. For developers, the Code Library provides lots of reusable code snippets. For non-developers, it offers lots of examples of common features, with full explanations, that you can copy and paste straight into an app.


What does the Code Library include?

The Code Library has around 100 reference articles that include detailed examples of common features and code snippets that can be copied and pasted into an app. The articles cover a huge variety of topics, but they can be broadly broken down as follows:

  • Triggers (do something when a trigger happens) eg: when the app is clicked or when a screen loads.
  • Actions (things you can do to your app) eg: Load dynamic content, change styles, colors, visibility, add animations.
  • Data manipulation eg: get, save, sort, filter, edit data.
    Checks and conditions eg: what is the User’s ID or is A > B.
  • Appearance customization (extend the appearance settings / CSS even further).
  • Other eg: add a barcode scanner or insert custom analytics into your app.


How can I access the Code Library?

You can get to the Code Library by clicking the menu links when in Fliplet Studio or you can go directly to this link: