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Free food ordering app for restaurants, pubs, bars and cafes

With the recent announcement from the US and UK Governments of restaurants, pubs, bars and cafes reopening from the 4 July, Fliplet has launched a free app to help small businesses to get back to business as soon as possible.

The Food Ordering app makes it easy for restaurants, pubs, bars and cafes to take contactless food and drink orders, and capture Contact Tracing (including NHS Test and Trace) data securely, via any smartphone, tablet or computer.


Benefits of the app

  1. Instant food ordering for customers and reduced staff exposure to customers
  2. Automatic recording of test and trace data
  3. No download required, customers access the app via a web browser on their smartphone
  4. Contactless access to the app by scanning a QR code or entering a URL
  5. Orders are sent to staff instantly for fulfilment via a computer or tablet app
  6. Customers receive order confirmation & Contact Tracing information via email
  7. Can be branded to company’s colours
  8. Mobile app upgrade available but not required
  9. Customers do not have to register to submit an order
  10. Payment is managed via the existing POS solution, integration is not required

Meets Government guidelines

The app meets the Government guidelines being mandated in both US and UK and in particular, Fliplet is helping hospitality businesses meet England’s guidelines for restaurants, bar, cafes and pubs specifically the app:

  1. Automates the collection of customer data for the NHS Test and Trace service (section 2.1).
  2. Reduces staff interactions with customers by enabling customers to digitally order via an app (section 2.2.2).

How it works

  • The app generates a unique QR code that can be printed out and attached to the menu or tables to assist customers with accessing the app and placing orders.
  • Customers scan the printed QR code for access to the app, then select their food and drinks order, enter their table number, enter their NHS Test and Trace information and click order.
  • A completed order appears in an admin interface that staff can use to collect new orders and fulfil them.
  • Fliplet’s solution does not replace the POS or payment system the company uses. It doesn’t offer ecommerce or require customers to signup before they can submit an order.

No cost to launch

There is no cost to launch the app via the web and the app is optimised for smartphones, tablets and computers. Sign up for a free trial to view the template.

“We know how hard small hospitality businesses have been hit by Covid-19 lockdown and we want to help. We have created this food ordering app to help local small businesses meet the Government’s social distancing and the NHS Test and Trace requirements.

It is our hope to ease the complexity of small businesses meeting the Government requirements by offering a solution that can be ready in under 1 hour so businesses can get back to serving customers safely.”

Ian Broom, CEO of Fliplet

About Fliplet

Fliplet enables non-technical and technical people to produce mobile and web apps using prefab components. Fliplet includes a broad selection of app templates and features, with optional open-source customisation. This enables businesses to rapidly deliver apps for staff or customers with distribution to public or enterprise app stores, and online. Fliplet has clients globally, with offices in the UK and the USA.

Contact details:

Lisa Broom
Tel. +44 (0)203 582 9720 (UK)