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Discover your ideal plan to unlock the full potential of your projects. With a comprehensive suite of customizable options, our tool empowers you to tailor your package according to the specific needs of your apps, users, and desired features.


What is the difference between a Public and a Private plan?

A Public Plan is designed for apps that are intended to be accessible to anyone. This plan is ideal for apps that are aimed at a wide audience and do not require restricted access. Apps on a Public Plan are typically listed on public app stores like Apple’s App Store or Google Play, making them available for anyone to download and use. They are often used for marketing, information dissemination, or any application where you want to reach as many users as possible without restricting access.

On the other hand, a Private Plan is suited for apps that require controlled access. This might be necessary for corporate apps, membership-based services, or any application where you need to restrict usage to specific users, such as employees or registered members. Apps on a Private Plan can be listed on public app stores as well but can also be distributed through private channels, require user authentication, or have other forms of access control in place to ensure that only authorized users can download and use the app.

In essence, the choice between a Public and a Private plan comes down to your app’s intended audience and how you wish to manage user access.

Can I get a discount if I commit to a yearly plan?

Yes, committing to a yearly plan entitles you to a discount, typically equivalent to two months off the standard monthly price. This offers a significant saving over the course of a year, making it an excellent option for those looking to maximize their investment.

What happens if I need to increase the number of users or apps after I have already purchased a plan?

Our app plans are inherently flexible and designed to scale in tandem with your app’s usage and audience growth. There are no caps on the number of users; instead, the plans are calculated monthly to adapt to the actual number of users your app has. No action is needed from your side. This approach ensures that as your app’s popularity and usage increase, your plan can seamlessly accommodate this growth without any service disruption.