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Welcome to Fliplet’s Professional Services Policy

At Fliplet, we’re passionate about building fantastic apps, giving sage advice, and guiding you through the app-building journey. Whether it’s development, testing, or training, we’re here for it.

We have created this document to benefit both parties, providing a professional services policy to ensure clarity, transparency, and mutual understanding throughout our engagements. This document outlines the scope of services, responsibilities of both parties and project timelines. By detailing these aspects upfront, we aim to establish clear expectations, minimize misunderstandings, and build a solid foundation for successful collaboration.

If you’re looking for information about product support or uptime – those are covered elsewhere at (or your agreed terms, speak to your Account Manager if you’re unsure which terms apply to you).

Starting a Project – Our Approach and Availability

We’re thrilled to embark on the app-building journey with you through Fliplet’s Professional Services. As a team dedicated to excellence in app creation, our commitment is to guide you seamlessly through the process of development, testing, and training. Before we kick off, let’s set some expectations for starting a project with us.

Project Kickoff and Timelines

We understand the excitement of starting a new project, and we’re equally excited to support you. However, it’s important to note that our professional services are in high demand, and we operate on a first-come, first-served basis.

How to Get Started

Reach out to us to discuss your project, and we’ll advise you on our current timelines. If our teams are currently engaged with other projects, we’ll transparently communicate our availability. At this point, we can do one of the following:

1. Add to the Backlog: If our team is occupied, we can add your project to our backlog and prioritize it as soon as resources become available.

2. Referral to Partner Developers: Alternatively, if our current workload is substantial, we may refer you to our trusted partner developers who can take on your project with the same level of commitment.

Communication is Key

Initiating a conversation about your project early is crucial. This allows us to align expectations and plan accordingly. We encourage open communication to ensure a smooth collaboration from the start.

Journey Through the Project – From Start to Finish

Here’s how it’ll go: we’ll map out an estimate and task list with key project stages like app building, testing, and launching. We will tell you what we will need from you at each stage of the project and we will agree on how often we need to meet to ensure the project goes smoothly. This process can take 2 working weeks or longer, this depends on the scope of the project.

This applies to all projects – small or large, because we have to ensure our team members are available and we have properly briefed them before they can start to work on your project.

You’ll need to confirm you’re happy with the plan and formally approve it before we can start work. We can only confirm timelines and allocate team members once a project is formally signed off using our project feedback app.

If we’re off track on a milestone, we’ll let you know ASAP and work with you to update the schedule. Any changes to the schedule or scope during the project may require us to update the schedule. If we need to do this we will contact you.

If you request changes that were not part of the original plan we will need up to 2 weeks to accommodate these depending on the scope of the change and the team members required to deliver the work.

Project Pauses and Restarts – Keeping You in the Loop

When and Why Pauses Happen: If we’re waiting on your feedback or resources for over 10 business days past the scheduled date, we might need to hit the pause button. This helps us manage our resources efficiently and prevents the project from incurring additional costs.

We will tell you by email if we are at risk of pausing or we are pausing the project by email.

Ready to resume the project? Great! We’ll have a meeting to discuss any changes in the project scope and we’ll outline the new timelines and costs. Just so you know, restarting a project might involve additional charges.

Your Role in Restarting: We’ll need your input to kick things off again. This includes providing any pending feedback or resources that were missing and reviewing the updated schedule with us before we can resume to ensure everyone’s realigned.

Ending the Project – Termination Process

When You Can Terminate: You’re free to terminate the project if you need to. We just ask for a 1 week notice so we can wrap things up and hand them over to you.

How to Terminate: Simply inform us in writing. We’ll then outline the next steps, including any final deliverables or payments.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work – Your Part in the Project

We need your help to ensure the project is successful.

You’ll need to approve each phase of the project via our online form. If we haven’t received approval from you we cannot proceed to the next stage.

Changed your mind post-approval? No sweat, get in touch and we’ll reassess the impact on the project’s time and cost.

Just remember, if we’re waiting on you for more than 10 business days, it might mean hitting the pause button on the project.