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Updated on April 25, 2024
Information about sub-processors utilized by Fliplet

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Under the GDPR, a sub-processor is any business or contractor that customer data may pass through as a side effect of using Fliplet’s service. This definition is very broad and includes things some might simply consider “hardware”, like cloud infrastructure.

Subprocessor staff do not have access to customer data and they are bound by their privacy and security compliance and terms.

Fliplet website and product

Fliplet’s website and our product serve as integral components of our service ecosystem, facilitating the creation, management, and deployment of mobile apps and other digital solutions.

Sub-Processor Name Purpose of processing Location of Processing
Google, Inc Analytics, email, files, notifications, app distribution USA
Slack Internal Communication USA
Mixpanel Product analytics USA
Intercom Customer support USA
Hubspot CRM USA Email marketing USA
R!B2B Analytics USA
Zapier Workflow automation USA
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Fliplet apps and product

Fliplet apps represent the diverse range of digital solutions and mobile applications created using Fliplet’s platform. These apps serve various purposes, from internal business tools to customer-facing interfaces, and often involve the processing of user data.

Within the context of GDPR, it’s important to recognize that Fliplet apps and our product may utilize subprocessors to support their functionalities. These subprocessors could include hosting providers, analytics services, or other third-party integrations necessary for the app’s operation.

Sub-Processor Name Purpose of processing Location of Processing
Amazon AWS Servers and associated services USA
Twilio Telephony services USA
Google, inc Analytics, email, files, notifications, app distribution USA
Apple Analytics, email, files, notifications, app distribution USA
CircleCI App build process USA
Sentry Product error tracking USA
OpenAI AI Integrations USA
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Fliplet product

Sub-Processor Name Purpose of processing Location of Processing
Google, Inc Analytics, email, files, notifications, app distribution USA
Userpilot Product support USA
Stripe Product upgrades and billing USA
Datadog Product error tracking USA
PostHog Product analytics USA
Delighted Customer feedback USA
New Relic Product error tracking USA
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Due Diligence

Fliplet undertakes to use a commercially reasonable selection process by which it evaluates the security, privacy and confidentiality practices of proposed processors and sub-processors.

Contractual Safeguards

Fliplet requires its processors and sub-processors to satisfy equivalent obligations required from Fliplet (as a Processor or a Controller) as set forth in applicable Data Protection Addendum and Data Protection laws.

Process to Engage New Sub-processors

As an ISO 27001 compliant business and adherent to GDPR regulations, Fliplet maintains a rigorous process for engaging new sub-processors. This process involves comprehensive due diligence and assessment to ensure that any potential sub-processor meets our stringent standards for privacy, security, and data protection.

Before engaging a new sub-processor, we conduct a thorough evaluation of their capabilities, policies, and practices to ascertain their compliance with relevant regulatory frameworks, including GDPR. This assessment includes a review of their security measures, data handling procedures, and contractual commitments to ensure alignment with our own standards and obligations.

Throughout the engagement with a sub-processor, we maintain ongoing monitoring and oversight to ensure continued compliance with our standards and regulatory obligations. This includes regular assessments of their performance, security practices, and adherence to contractual requirements.

By following this robust process, Fliplet ensures that any sub-processors engaged in supporting our services uphold the highest standards of privacy, security, and compliance, thereby safeguarding the interests of our customers and their data.


Fliplet will keep this list updated by adding the names of new or replacement sub-processors.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding our Sub-processor or a processor, please send us a detailed message to, and we will try to resolve your concerns.

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