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Digital Innovation in Healthcare: The Success Story of Providence Anesthesiology Associates with Fliplet

Written by Niamh Conneely

8 min read  |  14/12/2023


Embracing technological innovation is key to enhancing patient care and operational efficiency. This blog provides an overview of a detailed case study conducted with Cat Valeri, Director of IT Services at Providence Anesthesiology Associates (PAA). 

We explore how PAA transformed their approach to healthcare delivery by implementing a mobile app developed with Fliplet, highlighting the pivotal role of digital tools in healthcare.

Meet PAA

Providence Anesthesiology Associates, based in Charlotte, North Carolina, has been a pillar in providing anesthesia and perioperative care since 1991. With nearly 400 employees, including over a hundred anesthesiologists, PAA serves more than 200,000 patients annually across North and South Carolina. Their commitment to excellence is evident in their expansive practice and dedication to patient care.

Why Providence came to Fliplet: Challenges pre-Fliplet

PAA encountered significant hurdles in their operations. As Cat Valeri, the Director of IT Services, notes, “Prior to Fliplet, our anesthesiologists and clinicians accessed resources through multiple applications.” This disjointed approach led to inefficiencies, especially in critical areas like crisis management and real-time data access.

How Fliplet helped put Providence at the forefront of innovation

Fliplet emerged as a game-changer for PAA. With its intuitive app development platform, PAA could streamline operations and enhance care delivery. Cat Valeri explains, “Fliplet has really provided PAA, a secure portable application that could support the initiatives of our growing practice and allows for critical updates in real-time. With that, it has saved a lot of time with the dissemination of important information and resources to our entire clinical team.“ This pace forward has placed PAA at the forefront of healthcare innovation.

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The Best features of their App

“One of the most unique and frequently used components of the PAA Mobile app is our comprehensive list of surgical clinical preferences. Through the app, our anesthesiologists can reference surgical expectations, such as a surgeon’s block preference for a specific procedure. That really allows them to just be equipped and prepared when they enter into the operating room.”

  • In-house quality reporting system: Facilitates real-time data collection and analysis.
  • Document management: Documents can be found in one centralized place that can be used for evidence-based frameworks for patient care.
  • Guidelines and tools: Vetted guidelines provide specific direction for different patient concerns so they know what to do next.
  • Crisis checklists: This has reduced missteps in uncommon events by 70%.
  • User-friendly interface: Simplifies access for clinicians, enabling them to access files and documents on the go.

Each feature is key in enhancing patient care and operational efficiency, showcasing the transformative impact of the app.

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Security in healthcare technology

A critical concern in healthcare technology is ensuring the security and privacy of patient information. Cat Valeri from Providence Anesthesiology Associates highlights this crucial aspect in their collaboration with Fliplet. “One reason why we definitely want to continue to work with Fliplet in the future is that Fliplet really meets all of our security requirements, especially from a HIPAA compliance standpoint. We’re able to audit down to the individual in terms of access, and that’s one of the HIPAA requirements that we know which user has logged in and accessed our app. Additionally, with Apple’s Face ID and four-digit passcode, having that second layer of authentication to access the app is something that’s really important to us, to access those proprietary resources that necessarily shouldn’t be available to the public.”

This stringent approach to security, crucial for complying with HIPAA regulations, underscores the importance of having robust and reliable security measures in place. By implementing advanced authentication methods and meticulous access tracking, PAA ensures that sensitive patient data remains protected, reflecting their commitment to maintaining the highest standards of patient confidentiality and data security.

How does Providence find the Fliplet platform?

PAA has found Fliplet to be incredibly user-friendly and efficient. The platform’s drag-and-drop functionality, as highlighted by Cat Valeri, allows for easy app creation and maintenance, even for those without extensive coding knowledge. 

“I also publish our apps to the Apple App Store and Google Play, as well as our web app using the user-friendly launch feature within Fliplet Studio.“ This accessibility is vital in a fast-paced healthcare environment.

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What’s Next for Providence and Fliplet?

Looking to the future, PAA plans to continue its partnership with Fliplet. They aim to further enhance the PAA Mobile app and explore new possibilities, like developing an events app for their annual fall conference. This forward-thinking approach underscores their commitment to continuous improvement and innovation.


The journey of Providence Anesthesiology Associates with Fliplet is a testament to the power of digital tools in modern healthcare. By leveraging Fliplet’s platform, PAA has not only streamlined its operations but also significantly improved patient care. Their story serves as an inspiring example for healthcare professionals looking to embrace mobile app technology for enhanced service delivery.

Fliplet has not just met but exceeded the expectations of PAA, paving the way for a future where healthcare and digital innovation go hand in hand.

To learn more about Providence Anesthesiology Associates and their innovative approach, visit their website. You can also connect with Cat Valeri on Linkedin.

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