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Fliplet launches new Learning Solution

Fliplet, the no-code/low-code app building platform, has taken the initiative to launch an app template that offers solutions for organizations and individuals for their training and other learning requirements. 

Mobile training is on the rise, and downloading apps to learn new skills and further develop existing skills is becoming the norm. Fliplet saw the need for a template that speeds up the process for individuals and organizations to develop their own learning app. Rather than start from nothing, the app template gives app creators a head start, allowing them to create and deploy their apps quickly and easily. The need for this app has been driven mostly because of increased online learning due to the pandemic, making digital learning the new normal.

The Learning solution will enable users to be updated with their latest lessons and knowledge while allowing organizations to benefit from a platform where they can communicate their lessons, courses, and training updates to students, staff and alumni.

Besides a native mobile app, this solution can also be published as a desktop and mobile web app, published via private enterprise app stores, and shared directly to an Android device as a downloadable file.


Who is this solution for?

Online and mobile learning has been adopted by a wide range of organizations for different purposes such as staff training, onboarding, career path development, client training, corporate training, leadership, compliance, health & safety and sales training. The options are limitless.

No matter if you are an individual trying to start a new course or an organization that wants to have an effective training or onboarding process, our Learning Solution will help you reach your goals and improve both the customer and employee experience.

For tips on how to build your Learning App today, read our blog.


What are the key features?

The Learning Solution comes with an array of features that will enable users to have a great learning experience, including:

  • A list of courses or modules
  • Users can view lessons and check their progress
  • Lessons can include topics, files, videos, audio recordings and quizzes
  • Teachers and trainers can: 
    • Engage with users through discussions
    • Offer certificates through the certification feature at the end of the training
    • Monitor their student progress through advanced progress reports and optimize content based on student feedback.

Access to the Learning Solution

You can see how Fliplet works here and then sign up to Fliplet Studio for free to create your own Learning Solution or request a demo with one of our App Consultants. For more information contact us at or watch some of the Learning Solution feature videos. For more information you can to view our Learning Solution brochure