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Empower your employees to work better together with our Directory Solution.

Manage all of your in-person, virtual and hybrid events with our easy-to-setup Event template

An effective way to capture, structure and manage employee insights.

Customizable design, engagement through gamification and metrics for tracking usage and ROI.

Create a suite of client-facing apps to engage, educate and communicate with customers and prospects to generate long-term value.

Manage the hybrid workforce with post Covid-19 office check-in/out, key information, daily health and location of staff, and full reporting.

Grow your revenue with sales showcases, playbooks, training material, knowledge capture and more.

Equip your employees to be more effective. Learn from your most experienced employees. Multiple learning formats available.

Track progress, share task lists, check status, trigger alerts and automated responses.

Reach potential clients. Collect contact details. Track engagement and interest.

This app template makes it easy for businesses to take food and drink orders and meet Government requirements.

Create interactive financial reports, custom dashboards, live data sheets.

Interactive and engaging surveys that provide instant results to users.

Send alerts, status updates and warnings via a secure private channel.

Rapidly build your app with the visual editor. Drag and drop buttons, videos, lists and forms. Only code if you want to.

Further ideas

Sales & marketing

Events calendar

Client referral tracker

Apps for key clients

Alumni engagement

Experience management

Proposal apps

Regulatory news feed

Employee social advocacy

Thought leadership publishing

Sales pipeline management

Proposal calculators

Case study repository

Operations enhancement

Contract builder

Project milestone tracking

Innovation management

Expertise-based directory

Industry knowledge sharing

User-specific news alerts

Team communications

Client checks and KYC management

Conflicts management / ethics wall

Professional training compliance

Regulatory compliance management

Industry discussion forums

HR / IT / Finance

Corporate communications

IT helpdesk

Employee performance reviews

Payroll tracking

IT procurement management

Revenue forecasting

Invoicing / payment tracking

Vacation booking and approval

Expense claim management

Regulatory compliance confirmation

Employee onboarding /induction

IT system updates

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