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Social Mobility Business Partnership’s Journey with Web and Mobile Apps

Written by Niamh Conneely

4 min read  |  29/09/2023

SMBP and Fliplet

We recently recorded a case study with Jess Clarkson, Program Director and the Social Mobility Business Partnership (SMBP). In this blog we will summarize the key topics Jess spoke about and we discuss the apps they have created.  

The Social Mobility Business Partnership (SMBP) is a UK-based charity that aims to support students from low-income backgrounds across 20 cities in the UK, reaching over 700 students annually. 

We offer week-long placements for students where they visit four different businesses and a professional sports club across a week, gaining loads of insight into a variety of industries whilst boosting their competency, skills, and confidence.

SMBP before using Fliplet

Prior to using Fliplet, SMBP relied heavily on paper forms and manual administrative processes. This limited their ability to scale up and offer programs to more students across the UK. The charity recognized the need to invest in technology to increase efficiency.



SMBP’s Mobile Apps

To streamline operations and better engage students, SMBP utilizes apps built with Fliplet.


SMBP uses Fliplet as much as we possibly can. We have an app for our students and there's actually three apps that sit under a portal app. And those apps are unlocked for students based on where they are in their journey with us.

The first app they have developed is a registration app that allows students to sign up for SMBP programs. This app collects important student information and consent forms from both students and their guardians. It also sets clear expectations through student agreements that must be completed before participating.

The second core app is the Work Insight and Skills Week App. This provides pre and post-program competency assessments so students can benchmark their progress. The app shares daily schedules and maps to help students navigate their placements each day. It also enables students to log the skills they are developing throughout the week. A key feature is the ability to upload video reflections at the end of the program for partners to view.

After completing the program, students are awarded personalized certificates through the app. This incentivizes them to complete post-program surveys, which have achieved a 94% completion rate.

Overall we've been pleasantly surprised by how little time it's taken to keep maintaining the app once it's been up and launched.

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SMBP’s web apps

SMBP’s apps are available on App Stores and also via web. SMBP finds that for students who are taking part in the online program, the HTML format is better because it allows SMBP to include a link to the webinar in the app. This link takes students directly through to the platform SMBP uses to host its webinars, which helps provide a seamless experience. 

For day-to-day communication with students, SMBP tends to find the app on students’ phones with push notifications works best. The ability to provide web apps along with mobile apps has benefited SMBP by allowing them to craft the optimal experience for students in different contexts. 

Benefits since using Fliplet

The apps built on the Fliplet platform have transformed operations for SMBP. Key benefits include:

  • Streamlined student registration and onboarding
  • Reduced administrative workload
  • Improved student engagement through push notifications and in-app content
  • Higher survey completion rates (94%) through gamification
  • Easy to build interactive modules for online learning
  • Easy to use for those creating the apps and the student using the apps
  • Quick and easy to publish updates

Platforms for 2023  “I’ve actually been involved in developing all of the apps and I wouldn’t consider myself to be a tech savvy person, but I guess Fliplet allows me to feel quite tech savvy because the dashboard is fantastic to work on. “

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Future use cases

Looking ahead, SMBP plans to develop additional apps with Fliplet. SMBP sees potential future uses including developing an app for trustees to access board papers and schedules, creating an app to simplify partner involvement and administrative tasks, and building further interactive learning modules as new program content is developed. The flexibility of the Fliplet platform will allow SMBP to continue enhancing their mobile offerings and increasing their social impact over time.

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Work with SMBP

Any organization passionate about social mobility can partner with SMBP. Committing time and resources allows businesses to:

  • Inspire and upskill students directly through activities and workshops
  • Provide ongoing mentoring and career advice to students
  • Share recruitment opportunities to support students’ career paths

Visit to learn more and get involved.

Watch the case study

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Niamh Conneely is the Content Writer and Marketing Executive at Fliplet – an app building platform that enables anyone to easily create engaging and interactive mobile and web apps.

Niamh has experience in content creation and writing and has achieved two level 6 awards for The Chartered Institute of Marketing. She has developed skills to help organizations deal with the challenges of a fast-moving marketplace. Connect with Niamh on Linkedin.