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5 Most Used Employee Engagement Apps Compared

Niamh Conneely

Marketing Executive

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Posted on January 12, 2023

5 Most Used Employee Engagement Apps Compared

Employee engagement apps are designed to increase employees’ involvement and commitment to their work and organizations. These apps improve internal communication and collaboration, whilst also giving information and tools to assist employees to execute their tasks more efficiently.

In this blog, we’ve researched the five best employee engagement apps so you don’t have too!

Help your employees to increase their efficiency and productivity with the all in one fully customizable Fliplet’s employee communication app solution!

Top 5 employee engagement apps



Fliplet is an app building platform that enables anyone to easily create engaging and interactive mobile and web apps. Fliplet’s communication solution is one of the most popular templates used by Fliplet’s users. It has multiple pre-built features that increase employee engagement.

The gamification feature is proven to be an effective way to increase engagement and motivation and make the app experience fun by rewarding users with points and badges based on their interaction within the app. The recognition feature boosts morale and helps employees feel valued and is a great feature to include if you are wanting to increase engagement. These features help improve retention and motivation among employees.

Fliplet is the only platform that enables you to create custom no code apps while still enabling you to edit or add your own code if you want to. You can integrate Fliplet with other systems and tools that you use.

For more from us on communication apps, read this blog.

Main features

  • Brand your app
  • Upload your content
  • Publish on any device
  • App analytics
  • News Feed screen
  • Library for documents screen
  • Polls
  • Surveys
  • Gamification
  • Employee recognition
  • Live chat
  • Mobile or web app
  • Integrations
  • Easy to use
  • Integrations
  • Secure
  • Newsfeed


  • Free plan – publish your own web app
  • Public plan – from $9.90 p/m
  • Enterprise plan – have a demo with us


  • Capterra – 4.8 / 5
  • G2 – 4.6 / 5

Why do users love Fliplet?

Organizations use Fliplet because of the flexibility, the ease of use, the proven use cases, the support for teams, the security and the cost advantage. Users create highly tailored apps for their teams without expensive developer resources. Fliplet is the best cost per value platform you can get to develop your own app for all your organization needs. Read more about why users love Fliplet on Capterra or G2.

What challenges do users face with Fliplet?

If you don’t have much CSS knowledge then you still rely on the support team a lot. However, they are all incredibly helpful and quick to respond which makes the process smoother!” G2 review 2022



Bonusly is a fun and effective way to foster a positive and engaged workforce. It is a platform that promotes employee recognition and rewards through the use of points that can be given to coworkers for good work or helpful behavior. Employees can use these points to redeem rewards from third-party brands or custom rewards created specifically for their company.

Main features

  • User recognition
  • Chat
  • Analytics
  • Mobile app
  • Good customer support
  • Surveys
  • Content library
  • Integrations


  • You can do a free trial
  • Core – £2.20 per user p/m
  • Pro – £3.70 per user p/m
  • Custom – for mid to large organizations contact Bonusly.


  • Capterra – 4.8 / 5
  • G2 – 4.8 / 5

Why do customers love Bonusly?

Every month, employees get an allowance to give small bonuses to their colleagues to recognize their contributions.

What challenges do users face with Bonusly?

“The system may be a bit pricey since it’s charged based on the number of users.” Capterra 2022


Blink is specifically designed for frontline workers and helps them stay connected with their peers and leadership, providing access to people, processes, communications, and applications.

Frontline workers often rely on technology to manage their teams and stay connected with their colleagues and leaders. An engagement app like Blink is a tool for frontline workers, as it provides them with the information and resources they need to do their jobs effectively.

Main features

  • Customization
  • Analytics
  • Chat
  • Recognition
  • Surveys
  • People directory
  • Integrations


  • Essential – $3.40 per user p/m
  • Business – P.O.A
  • Enterprise – P.O.A
  • Enterprise plus – P.O.A


  • Capterra – 4.6 / 5
  • G2 – 4.6 / 5

Blink’s Frontline Intelligence feature provides managers with valuable metrics on employee engagement, satisfaction, and retention, allowing them to make data-driven decisions for the business. This information can help managers understand how their employees are feeling and identify areas where they can improve the work experience, ultimately leading to better retention and satisfaction.

“Hidden cost! I despise hidden cost[s] and they have them. One of the things that bothers me is how nitpicky they are on the hidden cost.” G2 2022 review



Workday is a comprehensive business platform that integrates HR, planning, and finance. It also includes a feature called Employee Voice, which is designed to collect and analyze feedback from employees to gauge the overall sentiment in the workplace. Additionally, this feature provides industry benchmarks so you can compare your performance to that of your competitors.

Main features

  • Performance Management
  • Career and Development Planning
  • Cloud Connect for Third-Party Payroll
  • Organization Management
  • Absence Management
  • Benefits administration
  • Time Tracking
  • Goal Management


Workday pricing is only available on request via their website.


  • Capterra – 4.4 / 5
  • G2 – 4 / 5

Why do customers love Workday?

Workday is a partially good HR system in raising HR and payroll compliance and boosting efficiency all over different organizations.

What challenges do users face with Workday?

“The user experience leaves a lot to be desired in some places. Often you are looking for functions or documents that you have already seen “somewhere”, but you can’t find them again. The navigation in the tool should be revised here. Unfortunately, messages that I have already read are still marked as unread; the function to mark messages as read is very hidden. Some processes can be improved here.” G2 review 2022

5.Engagement Multiplier


If you are after a basic, simplistic platform and you are a small business then Engagement Multiplier could be for you. Designed for small to medium-sized businesses, Engagement Multiplier is an affordably priced employee engagement tool. Though not as comprehensive as some others on the market, it is a useful resource for new companies and startups to gain insights into their engagement levels.

Main features

  • Employee feedback
  • Anonymous data collection
  • Surveys


  • Try it for free
  • £5 per employee per month
  • Enterprise – contact them


  • Capterra 4.8 / 5
  • G2 4.7 / 5

Why do customers love Engagement Multiplier?

The simplicity makes it easy to use and it also meets the requirements for small businesses.

What challenges do users face with Engagement Multiplier?

“There’s a method to increase the responses to anonymous questions on comments by the leadership team.” G2 2022

Features Comparison table

WordPress Table

The benefits of employee engagement apps

The greatest employee engagement apps essentially revolve around communication and support. There are 6.6 billion smartphone users worldwide in 2022, thus these solutions must be mobile-ready to be most useful.

Here are the top five benefits of an employee engagement app:

  1. Improved communication and collaboration
  2. Increased employee satisfaction and loyalty
  3. Enhanced productivity
  4. Greater transparency and accountability
  5. Better business outcomes

Learn more about how mobile apps facilitate employee engagement activities.

How to roll out an employee engagement app?

Organizations should take the following actions when introducing an employee engagement app to the workplace:

  1. Identify your goals.
  2. Choose the right solution.
  3. Communicate with employees about the upcoming app, spark some interest.
  4. Encourage adoption.
  5. Monitor and analyze.

Employers may successfully roll out an employee engagement app and get its benefits by following these steps.

You may consider that communication engagement applications such as slack or microsoft teams would be an ideal solution to implement the above. Think again if you want your business to really stand out with fully customizable and personalized solutions.

The disadvantages of Slack and Microsoft Teams

Whilst Slack and Microsoft Teams are both popular communication platforms that are used within the workplace. They may not be the most effective tool for every organization as they both limit employee recognition and rewards. Neither of them have built in surveys and feedback tools. Slack and Teams lack customization and personalization. All of these limitations we highlighted earlier to be key features to look out for when deciding on the best employee engagement app.

Overall, while Slack and Teams can be useful tools for improving communication, they may not be the best fit for organizations that are looking for a more comprehensive employee engagement solution.

Top Features of an Employee Engagement App

Choosing the wrong engagement app would cost you a fortune

Overall, building a wrong internal app can be costly for a business in terms of financial investment, time, productivity, and employee satisfaction. It is important for businesses to carefully consider their needs and goals when building internal apps in order to avoid these costs.

With Fliplets pre-built communication solution you don’t only save time and money, (yes that’s right, you can try Fliplet for free) but the template is fully customizable to suit your needs! Our solution offers the key features for an employee engagement app such as gamification, recognition, live chat, polls and surveys (just to name a few).

So, the flexibility, ease of use, countless case studies and various use cases for this solution, we are sure that Fliplet is the perfect choice for you.

Give it a go yourself…

Niamh Conneely

Niamh Conneely is the Content Writer and Marketing Executive at Fliplet – an app building platform that enables anyone to easily create engaging and interactive mobile and web apps.

Niamh has experience in content creation and writing and has achieved two level 6 awards for The Chartered Institute of Marketing. She has developed skills to help organizations deal with the challenges of a fast-moving marketplace. Connect with Niamh on Linkedin.


What are employee engagement apps?

The best employee engagement apps assist organizations in fostering better staff collaboration and communication while also raising employee satisfaction and loyalty.

What features should your employee app have?

To effectively enhance communication, collaboration, and employee satisfaction within an organization, an employee engagement app needs to offer a number of critical elements. Among the most important features to take into account are:

  • Real-time chat and discussion forums.
  • Collaboration tools
  • Employee recognition 
  • Polls and surveys
  • Gamification 
  • Customization
  • Ease of use
  • Integration with other tools such as HR tools
  • Security and data protection

What is employee engagement software?

Employee engagement apps aim to increase job satisfaction and retention by helping employees feel more connected to the mission and culture of their organization. These apps can be used to foster a sense of belonging and purpose among employees, ultimately leading to a more positive work experience and a stronger commitment to the company.

What are some use cases of employee engagement apps?

Some specific use cases for employee engagement apps include:

  1. Communication
  2. Onboarding
  3. Performance tracking
  4. Rewards and recognition
  5. Training and development

How do I use an app to improve employee engagement?

An employee engagement app can help to increase employee engagement by offering interactive content, fostering communication, and gathering data to assess various aspects of employee engagement. Through these means, the app can create a more engaging and positive work environment for employees.