What’s new in iOS 7

So love it or hate it, Apple’s latest operating system is now officially here. After my initial dislike of the new colors which could have been partially due to seeing it for the first time at 5am (after waiting all night for it to download…), I’m now firmly a lover. The new design is beautiful and modern and the extra features do really add to the user experience.

A couple of our favorites include:


Imagine if every time you went to open Facebook it would already have the latest feed? Well now your app can do just that with automatic updates. This is great for users like me who typically have 50 or 60 app updates waiting to be installed.

Beautiful utility apps

Along with the new design all the rest of Apple’s standard apps have been given a design revamp which makes them even more attractive to users. Also Apple is offering five of its popular paid apps including iPhoto, iMovie, Keynote, Pages and Numbers for free for anyone purchasing an iOS 7-compatible device after September 1st 2013.

Safe and secure

Apple has made it even harder for thieves or children to mess with your phone thanks to any wipe command now requiring the user to confirm their Apple ID username and password. This is being heralded as a big change and one that police and IT teams hope will decrease stealing of iPhones.

Improved mail

So apart from the funky eighties-esque colors you’ll now see in your message threads, Apple’s latest updates to the mail app have brought some big improvements. The biggest and most useful is how much better the search feature is. Previously searching for mail that was not stored on your device was slow and painful whereas it is now fast and efficient to search through all the mail in your inbox. Take a look at this post from CNET for some great new features in the iOS 7 mail app.

Best of the rest

Check out the other top new features to expect in iOS 7 in this great infographic by Hasan Alkhatib:

whats new in ios 7