Forrester’s IDEA Methodology with Fliplet for faster mobile apps

Forrester has released a simple video explaining their IDEA methodology to embracing mobile change within your company.

The video takes 3:58 minutes and we have applied Forrester’s IDEA methodology to Fliplet’s features below:

How to apple Forrester’s IDEA methodology to Fliplet:

Identify – Fliplet suggests a number of suitable apps and suggests mobile app best practice. This assists your company to respond to mobile app needs faster.

Design – Using Fliplet your company can produce apps in hours without technical skills enabling your business to rapidly respond to feedback from users and new ideas and improve your app.

Engineer – Leverage Fliplet’s plugin system to quickly deliver unique features and data integrations with existing data sets such as spreadsheets, databases and CRM or ERP systems.

Analyze – Fliplet integrates with Google Analytics to give you easy to use reporting system for historic or real time analysis of your mobile apps usage and the ability to immediately react to feedback.