7 Examples of Top Law Firms Creating Awesome Mobile Apps

Globally, we are seeing a great surge in the number of mobile apps that law firms are now using and offering to their clients.

However, apps are a unique channel, so it’s no wonder that law firms have found it challenging to create apps that truly bring value and actually satisfy a user need.

In this article, we highlight some of the most innovative law firm mobile apps that are currently being provided by top firms across the world.

Bird & Bird

Bird & Bird have been prolific app creators, having launched two apps on public app stores and over a dozen internal apps.

One of their most downloaded apps is the Digital Marketing Law Guide, designed to support marketing teams in six key areas of online advertising and marketing law, across the local laws of nine European countries.

It aims to provide the basic ‘need to know’ information for each topic and country, particularly in relation to marketing campaigns.

Digital Marketing Law Guide

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Sheppard Mullin

Sheppard Mullin are a top American-headquartered law firm, specialized in corporate and financial law. They boast a clientele that includes half of the Fortune 500.

Featured below is their app “SM Interviews” – it’s a HR support app that allows graduate potential trainees to prepare ahead of interviews with tips, sample questions and other resources. This is an excellent use of app technology as it caters well to the younger graduate demographic.

Sheppard Mullin Interviews

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McCullough Robertson

McCullough Robertson created an IP Health Check app which provides guidance on how companies can protect their Australian intellectual property and related rights.

Their belief is that “intellectual property is often overlooked despite being as important to a business as its physical assets.” With their IP health check app, they attempt to help users correctly assess and protect their IP rights. A great example of an interactive app.

McCullough Robertson IP Health Check App

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Bracewell is a leading law and government relations firm serving the oil and gas, power, financial services, technology and public finance industries throughout the world.

Their ShalePlay app is a comprehensive resource of news and information related to shale gas and hydraulic fracturing, including the latest industry trends and updates.

ShalePlay App

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Locke Lord

Locke Lord’s full-service nationwide law firm attempts to take technology to the next level with the Locke Lord App.

They created a comprehensive iPhone and iPad application for users who need quick, clickable information fast, easy and free.

With one click, users can call or e-mail attorneys, view attorney bios, and get the latest news and updates.

Locke Lord App

mobile apps for law

They also created a Brexit App – which contains the latest information, commentary and analysis on matters surrounding the developments since the EU referendum.

mobile apps for law

Allen & Overy

Allen and Overy employ over 5,000 people in 44 offices across 31 countries worldwide. Striving to be at the forefront of innovation within the legal industry, Allen and Overy created Access Assist.

This app was designed to help businesses of all kinds deal with requests for access to the personal data they hold, whether the requests are made by employees, customers or others.

Access Assist

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Dentons’ GPM 2016 app is a secure, password-protected app designed to provide Global Partner Meeting (GPM) attendees with the information and updates they need.

The GPM 2016 app was created to be a major source of communication with all attendees, keeping them aware of any changes or key events.

Dentons GPM 2016

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Embracing apps

Top law firms seem to be truly embracing technological innovation and offering some really interesting and useful mobile apps to customers.

However, as mobility further grows into a second-nature channel, it will be interesting to see how law firms evolve. One area that is still yet to be fully understood and exploited is the use of internal apps to increase productivity and make business processes smoother.

Have you seen any other innovative uses of mobile apps by law firms? How is your firm using mobile apps? Let us know in the comments below.

You can see examples of how our clients have already built their own legal apps using Fliplet. Visit our legal industry section for further information.