12 Essential Enterprise Mobile Apps Statistics [Infographic]

Research suggests that enterprise mobile apps are now being adopted by more organizations than ever before. Check out the infographic below, detailing some of the most important enterprise mobile apps statistics.

Enterprise Mobile Apps Statistics

Enterprise mobile apps statistics

As has been suggested, enterprise mobile apps are driving competitive advantage. Companies are realising that mobility strategies need to include enterprise features and not solely focus on consumer-facing apps.

Organizations are now asking the question, what do we need to create enterprise mobile apps, rather than why do we need to create enterprise mobile apps.

The key factors which are driving change in the enterprise mobile app industry are:

  • A need for instant communication
  • An increasingly large mobile workforce
  • A need to remain competitive

These are mostly certainly not all the of the reasons why organizations should decide to invest in enterprise mobile apps. As this infographic shows, an increasing desire of employees to have access to technology in their professional careers that they use in their personal lives is another factor.

Not only will this kind of corporate innovation increase employee productivity, but it leads to enhanced efficiency and improved internal communication, particularly within larger organizations.

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